How do I design my Market?

You can find all decorative items in the decorations menu which can be accessed by clicking the “Build” button below the game screen. After clicking Build button, you can relocate your items and after you finish editing your market, you must click on the "Save" button located on the right.

Can I change my cashier's personal appearance?

You can change all your cashiers' uniforms and styles. Find the “Outfits” icon in the menu below and click on it to see the options.

How do I expand my store?

The “Expand” button is placed in the menu below, symbolized with two side arrows. On condition that you have enough coins or enough neighbors or just buy paying Marketland Cash, you can do it with one click.

How do I level up?

Serving products on displays, completing quests and collections and visiting neighbors give you the opportunity to fill the XP bar more quickly. As you earn more XP, you level up faster! Besides, Marketland customers give you useful tips. Click on customers to learn the positive or negative comments about your store. Follow their recommendations to progress faster.

How do I order a product?

There are three suppliers for each product; you can see the arrival time, quantity, cost and reward before giving your order. Click on a display and select one of the suppliers to give your order.

Do I have the chance to store products for later use?

When your display is overloaded, you can stock your products in the Stockroom for later use. Your Stockroom has a max capacity, but you can upgrade it with your Product Cards.