Updates - 11/18/15

Here are the most recent updates!


- Thanksgiving Family Feast Items

Thanksgiving Family Feast quest series with 3 rewards

- New Bingo with new rewards 

- Pilgrim Celebrity is active

- Accepting request features (like gifts, collection pieces, cards) got limited to maximum 100 for each type

- Additionally, we made a last update that limits the amount of collectibles you can receive during 1 day to 150 pieces. This limit was set in order to stop people abusing the unlimited collection requests and craft rewards to level up extremely fast.

Have Fun! :)

There are 529 member in our group.  If each one of these people only made one small purchase of 6 dollars a month, it would add up to almost 40k a year.  I know I spent more then 6 dollars a month.  I would think that their opinion would matter.  Maybe not.

I use to love this game and could not wait to sign on each day, now I know what is going to meet me, a bunch of spoiled food deliveries since I can't request more then 100 of collectible items. I have close to 3,000 friends who play Marketland.. I'm ready to quit, this is not fair. Please reconsider.


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If someone has a friend that is moving to fast and they believe they are cheating all they have to do is unfriend them.  Sounds like we are all having to suffer from people who want to be of higher rank then they are.  I have a few neighbors at very high ranks.  They are now just floating along.  Are they afraid someone will catch up with them.  Anyone you suspect of unfair game play just boot them.  Sounds simple.

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It takes me sometimes 12 to thirteen days to get 2 requests back. I am not finishing the quests because not 5 or 6 of my 150 neighbors send me anything. But i send theirs. I spend money in cafeland and i am getting tired of this.Why aren't my neighbors answering my requests ?

please make some game events

example : 

>  50% to  90 % off on wall, floor decorations or coin opts

>  visit a total of 30 to 50 neighbors and get 100 to 150 product cards ( useful for us who dont spent real money for games )

>  events that gives us more product cards

others :

>  more clothing for cashiers or make new costumes for them please ?

> i hope whenever i click the customers once or twice , i can hear funny voices on them for me not to be pissed off by their complains about my bankrupt store

floors and wall pieces are too expensive, please make some floors and walls more cheaper.

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