What do Shopper Cards serve for?

Shopper Cards increase a customer’s budget limit 3 times but you can give only one Shopper Card to one customer. Click on Shopper Cards and then on a customer to give him/her a Shopper Card before he/she leaves your store. Visit your friends, level up, or share your progress on your Facebook timeline to earn more Shopper Cards. If you click on a friend’s Marketland post he/she shared, you will earn 1 Shopper Card. You can always buy Shopper Cards with your Marketland Cash.

How do I get Quick Delivery Cards?

Each Quick Delivery Card speeds up a shipment for 1 hour. Click on the Quick Delivery Card on the right and then on a display that has a shipment on the way and speed up the shipment. You can also click on that display and click Deliver Now to deliver your shipment instantly. You earn 5 Quick Delivery Cards at each level. You also have the chance to win Quick Delivery Cards during visits. If you share your Marketland progress on your timeline and get 5 clicks for that post, you will earn 5 Quick Delivery Cards. You can always buy Quick Delivery Cards with your Marketland Cash.

What do Product Cards serve for?

Product Cards have 4 different purposes.

  • When dragged on to a display, it serves an instant mass delivery.
  • When you order a shipment, you can insure it with Product Cards so that your delivery won't be damaged at all. To do so, click on the display on which you ordered shipment and you'll see the “Insure” button.
  • You can also renew your damaged products with Product Cards. All you have to do is click on the damaged display and click on the “Renew” button.
  • You can also upgrade the Stockroom capacity with Product Cards. Click on the Stockroom and you'll see the Upgrade button on the bottom right.

How do I get Product Cards?

There are many different ways to get the Product Card. You earn 5 Product Cards at each level. You also have a chance to win Product Cards during visits. You can always buy Product Cards with your Marketland Cash.

What do Campaigns serve for?

You can start a campaign in your store by clicking on Campaigns icon in the main menu. It's not possible to launch two campaigns at the same time. Each campaign requires different amount of Shopper Cards. Campaigns will give you more coins and XP as it increases your customers’ budget limit.