I don't get any customers. What's wrong?
Are you sure your store is Open? Check the Open/Closed sign. A Closed market will not get any customers.

Alternatively, be sure that there is enough space at the cash register for new customers to enter. Customers will turn away from a crowded store. To solve this issue, purchase more cash registers.

My customers are unhappy. What's going on?
Unhappy customers have marginally less budgets than happy ones. It's important to keep your customers happy in order to maximize your earning. Customers can get angry when one of the following happens inside your store:


  • No products on display
  • Products are out of their budget
  • Not enough product variety
  • Little space to move
  • Cannot use Coin-Op Items or Attractions
  • Cannot reach displays
  • Cannot reach cashiers
  • Store is dirty

You need to keep your displays full and you should have at least one product type suitable for every budget. There are many customer types displayed in the Luxury Points window - you should have suitable products for all of the unlocked types.