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Make More Expansions

 Many of you have suggested adding more expansions to Marketland to accommodate the ever-growing nature of your businesses. We love this idea, but it is not technically possible at the moment. Still, if you have any suggestions for how to add more space (vertically? horizontally? additions?), let us know in a post below. Thanks!

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How about a second layer to our store (like a second market)

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I wish to know at what piont we start going outside? Or how we can get outside quicker?? Can anyone help please??
Hi Kazzy,

There's no feature to move outside unfortunately, but if you're suggesting it I can pass that along to the team.


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It would be a better idea to have more levels. We can then sell Seeds, Tools, garden Furniture etc.

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Multiple levels would be cool. And would help with organization as well.


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Hello, all--

I like the idea of adding more floors or levels as well for expansion and organization.

Thanks and I looooove the game!

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I like Daniel Winstanley's idea of a second layer. Maybe a basement for example. That way we can put items there that would still count for luxury points and make more room on the main floor.


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I used to play a game with my grandson that is no longer on facebook which was a fashion store that we could add floor, stairs, elevators in addition to designing outfits - it would be great if we could add floors at least to our marketland stores


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