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I am level 210, have 32 trucks in my fleet and can't seem to keep stock on my shelves. Everyday there are a few displays sold out and many more running low. I would like to run the ads and such, but I can't duet to difficulty keeping stock in the store. My inventory has been upgraded to 30 000 but I can't get it filled unless I close the store. I have been playing this game for a long time and have spent money, but it seems the higher level I get the less fun it is. Unhappy customers, low stock, very slow expansion times due to high cost etc. I would like to hear what other higher level players are doing to keep interest in this game.

Hi Dawn,

I like the idea of a tips forum, but this forum is for official info from the developers only. We have a Q&A section for questions about playing the game, I would also recommend posting there. You also can find tips about the game in the solutions section, or try heading over to the Marketland Wiki to find more info about the game.


Dawn, Many players are also creating groups not just to find neighbors, but for helpful hints and advice. I know at least one of the groups has their link posted in here, maybe in time more of them will add their links so players can find them to get help when and where they need it.


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