Apr 22, 2015 - Problem With Sending Gifts and/or Requests

We want to apologize for this inconvenience. We are currently having problems with Facebook requests because of the new game version we released. Facebook will soon change it's interface so it is necessary for every developer on Facebook to upgrade their apps/products to the latest version. Since the new version hasn't been released to everyone on Facebook, the problem with requests occurred without our intention. 

We now found the source of this glitch and getting ready to release the fix in a very short time. We need your patience and understanding until that time. I'll be updating you with the latest news about this problem.

We are aware that this issue is very frustrating for you and we are truly sorry for that but please keep in mind that we are doing all our best to give you a problem free game as soon as possible.
Thank you for your understanding.

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Hi all,

Just an update here. This is a Facebook bug.

We are currently waiting on Facebook to solve the issue. As it happens, tomorrow is also a national holiday and the developers will not be in the office. However, if the bug is solved, we will be working hard to update you as soon as possible.

Since this affects your seasonal quests, we may offer an extension to the time for the seasonal quest time limit. Please note that there will be plenty of time to finish the seasonal quest and there is no need to worry at this time. We are watching out for you and will make sure you are either compensated or given more time.

Thanks for your patience, and most importantly, please stop submitting tickets about this issue, as there is nothing we can do at this time. Updates will be posted here accordingly. You can click "Follow" to follow this topic and get e-mail notifications about any updates.
Hi everyone,

We're so sorry that this bug has entered its fourth day. We are currently waiting for a response from Facebook's support team. As you know, this problem is occurring due to a change in Facebook's interfaces/setup. We have no control over it at this time and are currently considering other workarounds.

In the meantime, the team has decided to give an extension on the Seasonal Quest for Cinco De Mayo. After the update next week, more time will be added so that everyone has a fair chance to complete this quest chain.

All the best and once again thanks for your patience.


Hi again,

As we head out for the weekend we are sad to report that there is no news yet from Facebook. They told us they too are aware of the situation and are working to identify and solve the problem for us. Unfortunately there was nothing we could do to speed up the process despite repeated attempts to convince them how serious the problem is.

As most if not all players were affected, we are planning to extend the quest series for Cinco de Mayo at least one week to allow for time lost due to the gifts bug. More news will be posted on Monday.

Our sincerest apologies again.


Hello all,

I sincerely wish I could give some good news, or any news at all. Unfortunately for us and you, Facebook support is not prioritizing our case. The issue has been assigned to them and someone appears to be working on it, but that's all I can tell you for now. We will most certainly decide what to do about those of you who are stuck on the 5th of May quest tomorrow. We may have to disable the quest until the send gifts/request feature is working properly again.

Thanks so much for your patience. Believe me, this is just as frustrating for us as it is for you. Best wishes to everyone and I will keep you posted.


My game is only showing 3 days left to complete this quest. Are they going to suspend it or just let it expire?

Thank you Emily for keeping us posted, and I am trying to be patient, as hard as it may be.  I hope that Facebook will fix it's part soon.  Many of us can not finish any kind of a quest that ask us to send request.  We can't even ask for more product cards.  Again Thanks Emily

Hi all,

After getting little/no help from Facebook our team is working on a workaround. It should be ready within two days. Once the fix is released, the time for the Seasonal will be extended. If it is not fixed in 2 days, we will likely disable the seasonal until a solution is found.

Sorry for the delay and the week-long wait. We care about you all and truly hope that you'll forgive us. We really are doing everything we can.


Hi everyone :)

Good news. Today we are sending an update to the game that should (if we're lucky)! fix the problem. I'll let you know when the fix is in the game. Thanks again for your patience!


The fix has been sent. We have not yet extended the seasonal quest time because we are waiting to make sure the new fix actually works. Please let us know if you are still unable to pass quests that have send gifts tasks.


Hi all,

Fortunately, the problem has been fixed! We have decided not to extend the time of the quest and will instead be giving cash as compensation via our app page. I will let you know when the cash is active. Again many thanks for your patience and we hope you find something fun to spend the cash on.

One of the reasons we decided to gift cash is that many players already purchased the task to move on. I hope this makes sense and thanks in advance for your understanding.

The Cash gift is now up. Click here.

Or go to our app page.

Our deepest apologies again, everyone.

Thanks for the "gift" but 5 marketland cash will not "buy" my way through the rest of this quest :( :( :( This is not acceptable to your players

finally problem has been fixed & thanks for the Cash gift 

I agree with you Kim, 5 marketland cash is nothing!  Not acceptable at all :(  Thinking about just quit playing the game.

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