Apr 22, 2015 - Problem With Sending Gifts and/or Requests

We want to apologize for this inconvenience. We are currently having problems with Facebook requests because of the new game version we released. Facebook will soon change it's interface so it is necessary for every developer on Facebook to upgrade their apps/products to the latest version. Since the new version hasn't been released to everyone on Facebook, the problem with requests occurred without our intention. 

We now found the source of this glitch and getting ready to release the fix in a very short time. We need your patience and understanding until that time. I'll be updating you with the latest news about this problem.

We are aware that this issue is very frustrating for you and we are truly sorry for that but please keep in mind that we are doing all our best to give you a problem free game as soon as possible.
Thank you for your understanding.

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Well your workaround worked, but I won't be able to finish the questline since I only have 1 more day and am only on part 5. Also your cash gift link for 5 cash, does not work anymore. It told me it is already to late to redeem it :(


I also had too late to redeem

Cash has expired and cannot finish quest in 1 day.  Very upset.

I also agree that 5 cash is not enough especially as it will take 24 cash to complete levels in the quest

i was finally able to continue my quest with only 14hours left and now the link for only 5 cash is expired????? are you kidding me?? how is this acceptable?

I was one dirt cleaning away from finishing the final quest. Very disappointed because I missed out on the free 5 cash and it would have cost 30 to purchase the final rewards.

I stopped playing this game, too many problems, First they say it wont take very long to fix (over a week) then say the quest will be extended, which it wasnt, only 5 marketland cash? Its too bad because I have been playing this game for a long time and enjoyed it very much.

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