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Add New Things for High Level Players

 Hi, I have to ask something for the players who finished missions and reached 1,999,999 coins, that at this point of the game, sometimes decide to quit the game...

What about new missions and to increase the limit of coins?!




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agree with Matthew , we must make sure to give new goals to continue playing

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i finished mission. i have 1.999.999.999 coins.............. it's finish the adventure for me??? i am very sad.. and play now is very booooooooriiiiiiiing........... if dont' change anything i must stop...

agree with Matteo. thanks for this possibility. A

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I finished all expansions and I have no interest in buying 1000 bankonotes to make another offer. Many of my friends have abandoned tha game and slowly all are leaving the game. Things will change? Otherwise leave it all


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I've purchased every wallpaper, floor tile, and decor that are available with coins, but I am constantly maxed with 1,999,999,999 coins. I'm losing high level players in my Marketland group because many are in the same situation. We need the 38x40 expansion changed to buy for 1 billion coins like others have been changed in the past. Please give us something to hold our interest while we continue to play for the Gold Lisa. We don't want to quit playing this great game! Thank you. 

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quests for cash 

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New Feature at Game? Maybe like
- Build/make something item with your neighbor

- More Truck

- 2nd floor store / additional store

- Cafe/restaurant for customer eating

- Animation customer sit on Chair, so customer can sit when tired

- Toilet?

- Fully all side rotated item(4 side)? mostly item only can rotate 2 side

- Animation "just shopping window" customer
- Thief who actually to steal product & we can hire security to catch the thief
- Employee who promotion our product

- Cleaner who clean our store

Anyone want add more? :p

i just hope game can add more new feature at this game. play this game for almost 3 year. so, i just hope this game just not only about new item & new quest every 2 week. it's the time for this game keep increase the feature. so all player will more enjoy the game / have many to do at this game. thank you for your time to read this post :)

Thank you for developer for make this amazing game to us :)

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Love this game -Gamegoes please consider adding aforementioned ideas to the game. Thank you. 

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I agree with all this. Maybe a new type of customer also? New displays for coins?

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Hi Everyone! :)

Thank you for taking the time to post so many ideas! We are very happy to receive feedback like this. 

Your opinions and ideas were shared with the team and we will work on them so that players like you at higher levels have more to do and don't get bored.

Hopefully, I can announce some good news soon :)

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I agree with everything said in this string of comments. It is a great little game and people enjoy playing it. It's too bad that most of the 'cool' new things cost SO MUCH marketland cash!!!!!
Hopefully, you all can work to make some changes to the game play, otherwise, as stated above, lots of players will look for another 'cool' game, including myself.


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Thank you for the new coin expansions and 50 trucks, Gamegos!! We are happy you actually listen to your players. Keep the good news coming over the next few months. We love Marketland! 

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