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E-Commerce Machine - Do you use it?

Just curious how many players complete the E-Commerce goals? I'm a new player (level 27) and have read the E-Commerce FAQ page and have tried using it several times. But still, the E-Commerce Machine seems complicated to me! I ended up selling out  my stock twice now (2 separate items), thinking that I was delivering the items requested in the goal. I've made other stupid clicks while in the E-Commerce Machine, thinking that I was doing it right but wasn't. Is it just ME? LOL I'm ready to drag this thing down into my inventory and forget about it. It seems like too much bother. What kind of prizes do you get for completing these goals? Anything worthwhile? Thanks for your input.

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The rewards are awesome. I have completed the tasks 4 times so I have 4 Lisa Holograms. Not sure what you are doing that isn't working. Just remember you have to "stock all" that you have on your display, then do the E-Commerce order, then stock all again before you "Deliver" the goods. If you don't stock all, your store customers will buy up what you need for your E-Commerce customers. What that happens, I put up barriers (floor decoration dividers) all around the E-Commerce area so customers don't buy the goods. I hope that helps you.

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