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Please give Attraction Budget Info

To Gamegos Developers,

I wonder if there's a way to provide the budget information on attractions.  Perhaps it can be included as pop up info, along with the count down timer as we hover over the attraction.  Or as data provided when it's in the inventory.

I can see the budget increase information when the attraction is available for purchase, but for attractions we have in our inventory that are not purchase-able, it's hard to know this information.  Examples of types of data currently available in the inventory is the attached pictures of Gourmet Basket.  One photo is from the Attractions menu, and one is from the plain Inventory menu.

Examples of attractions I don't clearly know the budgets for would be Hologram Lisa, or BBQ, which are attractions we won through some quest or E-comm.  I do know know the specified budget increase for these, other than to watch customer budget increase on the floor, which is a pain-staking process, and hard to separate out with the comment effects.  There are many attractions we have in inventory, which may be seasonal and not purchase-able year round, and access to budget information is not available year-round, or at all for the won-attractions.

This would help us to know which attraction to put in our stores, if we are hoping to increase our customer budgets.

Thank you for considering!

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