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In Marketland, I can't open my Mailbox or Friends link.

 I can't open the Mailbox to help neighbors with their requests and none of my new friends are showing up on the Invite list.  I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game twice.  I've cleaned out caches and cookies.  I've used a different browser.  I've even tried to send a ticket for help to Gamegos support and the tickets disappear (3 times) after filling out all the requested fields.  This forum is my next stop.

I was able to open the Mailbox and Friends link when I first started playing the game.  When I got up to level 33 it all stopped, I'm now on level 38. 

I like this game and will continue to play IF this is fixed.  Otherwise, it's not worth playing with only 3 neighbors--and those 3 I can't even help!

Any other ideas??

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My Mailbox opened as I logged in to Marketland. Stopped and now says please wait but does not work however long I wait. I know there is a list of 20 people who have visited there plus others. Have cleared cache reloaded the game and restarted the computer.

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Can anyone tell me why my letter to letter is not working properly. + of 15 days which does not work at all. It is a bit painful for the others who play this game and I cannot accept their request because of the mailbox which does not want to open :-(

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I have all these problems

I wonder if it's not the game that is bug on the mailbox?

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I am having the same problem, it says, "Please wait..." Nothing seems to happen at all.

I had it took 4 weeks then was fixed which was great. Now I have it again! As far as I know there is a problem stemming from Facebook.

Thank you! I hope they fix it soon!

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crossing the fingers to make it work

No puedo invitar a amigos a jugar al Marketland 

You can send me a friend request,

My mailbox also has stopped working. It takes hours to load after I go in once. This has only started since the announcing of the closure. I sure hope it gets fixed.
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