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If you felt your WLAN or even your internet connection is slower down due to the ff. factors:





Then, you need to read these articles for guide:

If still not works to these soultions then submit a support ticket or comment down below if you have these.

Have a nice day!

-Andrei Jiroh

I have no control over what is going on its internet connection lost to server.  this is what it is saying there are alot of people complaining about this my cafeland and marketland are doing the same thing it is coming from your end fix. if you want people to spend there money you need to fix

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fed up with this game crashing all the time it keeps saying ' internet connection lost to server' it is not my pc or internet as alot of people are complaining  this is ruining game play


Same here, game keeps complaining about slow internet issues or unexpected issue and requests to reload. It happens numerous times. It is not my computer or internet speed. I will check in each day to see if it gets better, but if it continues for too long I will probably move on. I really like the game, hope you get it fixed soon. 

yes the samehere internet connection lost if its not fix i will dump it and forget it

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