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Ghost Recon Fs...Problems With Servers..


 I Seriously Cant Believe U Guys Are Actually so Exited About Bringing Out New DLC To GRFS. U Guys Should Really Be Concentrating On All Da Problems Dis Game Has, 4 Example, Horrible Servers, Half The Time Its Hard Finding Matches, U Can Enter A Game Wit Ur Friends And Da Mic's Are Working Fine Then All Of A Sudden Through Da Game U Cant Even Talk To Them.. How Are We Supposed To Communicate And Coordinate Our Attacks With All These Problems With Da Mic's. U Guys Definately Rushed This Game To Da Market Just To Land Ahead Of Black Ops 2.. Also Get Better Match Making, Ur Match Making Stinks Who Developed This Game 5th Graders.. If U Guys Dont Solve These **** Problems Wit Da Game Im Selling It Back 2 Game Stop And U Can Guarantee This Will Be Da Last Time I Get A Game Coming From Ubisoft... Wut Did U Guys Put Da Betta Out 4 If U Were Not Gonna Fix All These **** Issues... And How Da F*$k Do U Guys Let Us Customize Our Gun Completely But We Can Only Change Our Facial Appearance Dats Fu*$ing Retarted WTF Were Yall Thinking??????? Its Really Sad 2 C A Good Company Go Bad.. Keep It Up N Expect 2 Go Bankrupt

Any help will be apprecited.

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Marketing campaign

Thank you.

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